We have one mission at AMS Law, to use our extensive experience and insight to provide the strongest advocacy for our clients.

We are bulldogs for our clients, fighting for them in ways that others cannot. With nearly 50 years of legal experience in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we know what it takes to win.

We take a no-nonsense approach to our cases. We don’t coddle our clients. Instead, we are straight shooters who tell our clients exactly what to expect. Telling clients what they want to hear doesn’t provide results. Instead, results come when everyone is on the same page, working for the best possible outcome.

Bust portrait of Sharon Meisler

About Sharon

When I joined with Anita to form AMS Law, P.C. in 2015, I had already established myself in criminal law, juvenile law, and appeals. I began my career as an assistant public defender for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. During this time, I learned more about the legal system than anyone can learn in law school. This type of on-the-job training prepared me for my role at AMS Law, P.C.

I have been a practicing lawyer since 1985, and have a straightforward approach that benefits my clients. I work tirelessly for everyone that I represent, ensuring that they get the best representation possible.

I don’t sugar coat the situation or tell my clients what they want to hear. Instead, I form partnerships with my clients by being honest and forthright. I prepare them for what is to come and work like a bulldog for the best possible outcome.

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Bust shot of Anita Seth

About Anita

I began my career with the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office, where I honed my trial skills. As a trial attorney, I got an intimate look at the legal process on a daily basis. I learned how prosecutors work and what is needed to successfully win a case. I have brought those years of experience with me to AMS Law.

I am known for having a tough love approach to my clients and cases. I want my clients to understand their situations, so I tell it like it is, even when the truth is hard to hear. My clients deserve the truth, and I always give it to them, without fail. They know where they stand, and what their future looks like, when they go with me.

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AMS Law P.C.

About Lynn

Lynn joined AMS Law, P.C., in January of 2018, as an associate attorney. Lynn focuses on zealously representing families in divorce, custody, and support as well as juvenile dependency cases.

Lynn began her career working with clients in family law and landlord-tenant disputes, in Philadelphia. Before joining AMS Law, Lynn worked as a managing attorney for a creditors’ rights firm. “My goal, when working with clients, is to be a zealous advocate on their behalf – to be a voice for them, so that their position is heard, and taken into account.”

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