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Family law issues are understandably emotional. From divorce, to child support, to custody, it is normal for people to let their emotions get in the way. It is our job to fight for you, when you feel as if you can’t, just as it is our job to give you a clear idea of what you face in court.

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Questions? Chances are we’ve heard them before.

I moved out and left my kids with my spouse. Can I still get custody of my kids?2017-10-06T18:44:48+00:00

If a parent’s rights have not been terminated, then that parent has a right to seek some form of custody of their children, regardless of where the parent lives.  There are 16 factors that a court evaluates when determining a proper custodial structure for a child.  Every parent’s situation is different, and with so many factors that go into the court’s analysis, you need to retain counsel who fully understands the law, and can advocate for you in your specific situation.

Is the date of separation important when filing for a divorce in Pennsylvania?2017-10-06T18:39:16+00:00

The date of separation can be extremely important in divorces cases.  This date can affect the distribution of property and the value of assets.  Additionally, this date can impact important filing requirements and deadlines.  The date of separation can be different in the mind of both parties.  Many times parties agree to the date of separation, but not always.  It is important to speak with an attorney to understand the legal concept and implications in your case.

Realistic and Honest

There are two types of attorneys.There are the attorneys who sugarcoat the facts to clients, leaving them surprised when they don’t get what they want.  Then, there are the attorneys who tell it like it is. When it comes to family law, clients don’t need an attorney  who sugarcoats the facts. A client needs an attorney who is straightforward, honest, and direct.  Sugarcoating doesn’t help the client, so we are always honest and direct. We will fight for you, but we can only do that if you have a realistic idea of what is going on with your case. Once we are on the same page, we will stop at nothing to help you get the best outcome possible. At the same time, we will prepare you for  the potential outcomes, so you know what to expect moving forward.

Experienced in All Aspects of PA Family Law

Our experience in family law, has allowed us to earn a great deal of respect. More than that, our experience has given us insight into how the system works. We know what to expect with each case, which helps us prepare our clients effectively. Preparation is key in these cases, as one mistake could mean the difference between having a favorable or unfavorable divorce, or losing or gaining custody. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and fight as hard as we can for each client we serve.

It is normal to feel powerless when you have a family law issue, but you can get your power back by contacting us for a free consultation. With us by your side, you are not alone.