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When a juvenile is arrested and charged with a delinquent act or a summary offense, both the child and the parents have lots of questions.

Will the juvenile have to spend time in jail?

Will the juvenile be removed from the home?

Is the child’s future at risk?

How is the juvenile court system different from the adult court system?

These questions are all overwhelming, and the situation is only made worse when you realize that juvenile crimes can carry serious penalties. Fortunately, AMS Law is here to help. No matter how difficult the case may be, we will fight for your child.

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Questions? Chances are we’ve heard them before.

My child has been found guilty of committing a delinquent act. Will he go to adult prison?2017-10-06T18:46:00+00:00

Juveniles who are found guilty of committing delinquent acts will not end up in an adult prison. However, your child might be sent to a juvenile residential facility. Just like an adult prison, there are maximum security juvenile facilities. Where your child goes depends on the seriousness of the offense and your child’s criminal history.

My child has been served with a Pennsylvania juvenile court notice. What should I do?2017-10-06T18:46:59+00:00

Juvenile court notices are often sent out with little advance notice. If you go to the initial proceeding on your own, you will likely be overwhelmed with the technical rules regarding courtroom procedures. You may also make it less likely for your child to achieve the desired outcome. It is important to contact our firm immediately if you receive a notice. We will need to start preparing the case quickly in order to be ready to fight for your child at the initial proceedings.

What are juvenile dependency actions?2017-10-06T18:47:49+00:00

The county welfare agency can bring about juvenile dependency actions if a parent or guardian is accused of abuse or neglect. In addition, these actions can be brought about if the parent does not seem to have control over the child. For example, the actions might come about if a parent cannot get a child to attend school. If a child is declared dependent, he or she might still be able to live in the parent’s home, while under the supervision of the courts. However, the child might be removed and put into foster care or a facility.

Let Us Fight for You

It is a mistake for children, or their family, to try to navigate the confusing judicial system on their own. One mistake, and they could end up in a child welfare facility or in juvenile detention. The child could also have their future compromised, have their reputation irreparably tarnished, and face hefty fines.

With almost 35 years of juvenile law experience, we know the system, and will fight hard for you. We have built a reputation for going on the offensive for our clients. Once we find out what the prosecuting team has, we come up with options from which YOU will choose.  

Tough Love, Legal Style

It is important for our juvenile clients to face the reality of their situations. As much as they might want us to sugarcoat the details, we know that won’t help them. We believe in tough love when it comes to the law. We tell it like it is, so our clients understand what is going to happen in court.

Let us fight for your child’s future. Your son or daughter needs a bulldog, which means he or she needs AMS Law.