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With close to 50 years of experience in cases just like yours, AMS Law, P.C. has what it takes to fight for the best possible outcome.  

It is our job to fight for you, when you need someone in your corner and prepare you for what you’ll face in court.

We understand that no matter how difficult the case may be, you’ll do what it takes to protect your child, and so will we.

Our extensive knowledge in PA civil law allows us to protect your personal and professional interests at all costs.

Co-parenting in a high-conflict custody case can feel impossible. When you feel helpless, AMS Law is here to help. 

We are a firm that understands how to navigate the PFA process from filing, final hearings, and violations for contempt.

Portrait of Sharon and Anita in from of AMC Law office building.

Client Focus

Our clients mean everything to us. That’s why when we take on your case, we are dedicating ourselves to go above and beyond, to fight for your best possible outcome.

Experienced Lawyers

Our experience comes from nearly 50 years of fighting in court almost every day, for your rights. We know the court system, and we cultivate ourselves as leaders with constant research, and education.

Winning Personality

Our greatest advantage is our ability to connect with our clients, build trusting relationships, and guiding them through some of the toughest challenges of their lives.