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We focus our skills on advocating for you and your family.

Our history speaks for itself. Nearly 50 years of combined experience fighting for our clients has taught us the value of staying ahead of the curve. We devote our years of knowledge and experience in a variety of areas of the law, to you.

With close to 50 years of experience in cases just like yours, AMS Law, P.C. has what it takes to fight for the best possible outcome.  

It is our job to fight for you, when you need someone in your corner and prepare you for what you’ll face in court.

We understand that no matter how difficult the case may be, you’ll do what it takes to protect your child, and so will we.

Our extensive knowledge in PA civil law allows us to protect your personal and professional interests at all costs.

Co-parenting in a high-conflict custody case can feel impossible. When you feel helpless, AMS Law is here to help.  

We are a firm that understands how to navigate the PFA process from filing, final hearings, and violations for contempt.

Pets are important members of the family, and intense conflict can arise when pets are part of a divorce. 

“AMS Law has provided assistance in several legal matters. We’ve been very satisfied with their representation, and appreciate the guidance they’ve offered. We highly recommend both Anita and Sharon for their expertise.”

Joe Z.

“I am thankful that I chose AMS law to represent me in a family legal matter. The matter was handled efficiently but most importantly the staff was caring and walk with me through the situation from beginning to end. So thankful to finally have a resolution! Thank you for your caring and understanding.”

Michelle D.

“Very comfortable atmosphere-everyone is pleasant and helpful!”

Cynthia P.

“I am so glad I chose Anita Seth as my attorney. I was extremely stressed out after my DUI and needed a professional with people skills as well as knowledge of the law. I was very impressed with her. She took the time to explain processes and terms unknown to me in everyday language and completely put me at ease, making what could have been a total nightmare into a bearable experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family!”

Anonymous on Avvo:

“Anita handled my son’s case. She was great! She listens, she cares and not like other Public Defenders. I hear she is now in private practice! She really does do a great job. She looks into the truth when you are being accused of doing something wrong. Many others really didn’t care and would give you the bare minimum as a defense, she is what people need and want in an attorney. You will not just be a number or dollar signs!! After you meet with her you will clearly see she is the right attorney for the job. I love attorneys that do not make deals or cut corners. If you are innocent then why take a deal?!! Do not let police, DA’s scare you, give her a call!!!!”


“Ms Anita helped me out greatly 3 yrs ago.
If it wasn’t for her I don’t know where i would be,
She did a awesome job representing me, and kept my mother cool calm and Collective..Although i think I was the one she kept cool calm and collective.. Again Anita I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can’t forget Sharron either she stood in nicely for you in Abington police station when i got the time screwed up.
Thanks Once again guys (Great Job)
I always recommend and give your #
Your my attorney now and forever but won’t need ya unless I get married and divorced (LOL)

Ray G.