Have you or your child been subjected to abuse by a spouse, household member, or intimate partner? Have you been named as a defendant for committing an alleged abuse against a spouse, household member, or intimate partner? PFAs can be used as swords and shields. At AMS Law, we handle both sides of the issue.

PFAs can have severe consequences for both plaintiffs and defendants. For a plaintiff, having a PFA can mean peace and safety. For a wrongfully accused defendant, a final PFA order can have devastating effects on employment, community reputation, and rights. We are a firm that understands how to navigate the PFA process from filing, final hearings, and violations for contempt. We handle your matter with care for you, and aggressive representation in the courtroom.

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Legal Expertise with a Side of Tough Love

While some lawyers may sugarcoat things for their clients, we believe in the truth. We have a reputation for telling clients exactly how it is, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with surprises in court. You should know where you stand, right from the beginning and get clear-cut information about your odds in court.

Sugarcoated information might be easier to swallow, at first. But knowing the truth from the beginning means you can move forward with a clear understanding of what to expect during every stage  of the process. There shouldn’t be surprises in court, and you don’t have to worry about that with us.

An Experienced Team by Your Side

With both of our careers based in the Pennsylvania judicial system, we know exactly what the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does when investigating your case. We understand the law and know the system. We stay on top of new developments, and we understand your options. Whether you are facing trial, appealing, heading to the grand jury, charged with violating probation or parole, or anything else, our expertise is the best tool you can have at your side.

You are under a lot of stress right now, but you don’t have to shoulder the entire burden. We are here to help you. Request a free consultation today to find out where you stand with your case and how we can help.