Supreme Court limits States power to impose excessive fines and asset seizures in victory against Civil Forfeiture

The United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously that states cannot impose excessive fees, fines, and forfeitures in criminal cases. The unanimous opinion, written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, makes it clear that the United States Constitution’s 8th amendment prohibiting “excessive fines” applies to states and local governments just as it applies to the Federal government. [...]

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Why is a preliminary hearing important?

Preliminary hearings are a crucial early step in criminal proceedings in Pennsylvania. Prelims, as they are often known, provide an important opportunity for an accused person’s attorney to formally review the charges, assess the evidence available, speak with the police, and record testimony from the actual hearing. The purpose of a preliminary hearing, is for [...]

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Where are the MDJs in Bucks County?

Magisterial District Courts are the first tier of Bucks County’s judicial system. An elected Judge runs the court in each of the 18 “district courts” spread throughout the county.  These courts are located conveniently across the county, within the communities they serve. MDJ’s, as they are known, handle a wide range of issues. According to [...]

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Sharon Talks Death Penalty with LAWNEWZ

Sharon talked with LAWNEWZ Network about the scheduled execution of Marcellus Williams and the retrial of death row inmate John Valerio 31 years after his conviction. Attorney Sharon Meisler spoke with LAWNEWZ Network about death penalty cases on the day the State of Missouri was scheduled to execute convicted murderer Marcellus Williams. Sharon [...]

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Where are MDJs in Montgomery County?

A guide to Montgomery County’s Magisterial District Courts, the initial tier of the county’s judicial system. Magisterial District Courts are the first tier of Montgomery County’s judicial system. An elected Judge runs each of the 30 “district courts” spread throughout the county. MDJ’s, as they are known, handle a wide range of issues, [...]

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